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06 Apr Three Essential MVPs for Lean Startups

I love March Madness. Unfortunately, none of my favorite teams made it to the Final Four but every team that did make it has proven themselves in the heat of battle. In business as in basketball, you need to have MVPs who come through during clutch times. What are the MVPs...

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01 Mar You Need a Business Model First

By Donovan Hardenbrook   You see, business plans are full of untested assumptions. Assumptions about the market, your product, your customer and how your will make money. Starting your business based on untested assumptions will cost you a lot of time and money. Painful lessons that can be avoided. Now imagine if most...

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08 Feb It’s Time to Lean into ‘Lean’

W. Edwards Deming is widely recognized as the father of the quality movement. Since the 1950’s, Mr. Deming has been highly revered in Japan. The principles Mr. Deming espoused were enthusiastically embraced by Toyota for manufacturing, supply chain and new product development. As these ideas expanded into other industries and...

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30 Nov Know Your Why: Build Relationships Based On Trust

Guest blog by Cristi McMurdie “I was driving the bus backwards and making people enter the bus through the rear emergency exit!  Once I discovered my WHY, I became aware that my WHY has and does drive how I think, feel, and make decisions. I immediately made better decisions that pertain...

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30 Nov Your 5 Whys for the New Year

by Donovan Ray Hardenbrook It’s that time of the year again to reflect on the last year and plan for the next. As John Maxwell, one of my favorite mentors, is known to say “Experience teaches nothing, but evaluated experience teaches everything.” So was this year a good or bad year? Regardless, there...

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04 Nov 5 Keys to Improving Strategy and Execution

My Observations on What Works Is strategy more important than execution? In a recent LinkedIn group discussion there were good arguments from both camps plus those who thought both were equally important. The arguments for strategy being more important make the case that a mediocre strategy well executed will not produce...

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