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bigstock-business-man-drawing-a-diagram-SMALLSometimes it seems like we spend most of our time (our life?) trying to balance these three factors. From time to time, these priorities rotate, changing the focal point of our experiences.

  • How do you assign your priorities?
  • How do you invest your time?
  • How do you spend your money?
  • What is the quality of your life?

Most people do not stop to ask themselves these questions as they rush through the business of their daily lives. Very often, the few that do, do not consider their answers in relation to each other.

We cannot experience stability until we discover our life’s purpose.

It is our purpose that organizes our lives, sets our priorities, and determines how we invest our time and money. Without purpose, life becomes a meaningless and stressful crisis management experience that drains us of our time and money.

The quality of our lives is determined by the scope and nobility of our purpose.

  • Is it life affirming or destructive?
  • Does its benefit extend beyond myself and my immediate family?
  • Am I driven by something I believe is lacking in my life?

In my professional practice as a Mindset Life Coach, I have worked with many men during their times of crisis. Often, the crisis is precipitated when they find out that their spouse is leaving them because they feel neither loved nor appreciated. These men, are genuinely surprised by this turn of events because, in their minds, everything was fine. They were dedicating their time to their work, so that they could make the money it would take to give their wife and children a better quality of life. The fact that they hardly ever saw their family awake and, when they did, they were too tired and irritable to give them their full attention, escaped them completely.

These men failed to recognize that with their physical and emotional absence, they had trained their families to live without them. In the minds of these men, their dedication to their work represented the ultimate testimony of their love for their family and they were shocked, hurt and angry about not being appreciated for their sacrifice.

Oftentimes, our priorities are based on the values of our society and not the quality of our own experiences. We are driven to live up to society’s definition of a “good man” or a “good provider”, while ignoring the fact that we do not feel happy while running in this rat race. As obvious as it may seem, it merits stating, that:

If you are not happy doing what you are doing, what you are doing, is not good for you or your family.

When we try to live our lives conforming to the rules and expectations of other people, we place control of our lives outside ourselves. We drain our energy trying to get the approval of others and judging ourselves by their rules.

Your value does not come from what you do or have but from who you are.

You are a spirit of peace, love, abundance, and compassion. When you put these values into practice, you move to the rhythm of all life; your stress disappears and you find yourself at peace. Seek first this peace and you’ll find yourself having more time, money, and quality experiences.

Practical Application

Your peace of mind is always present as a background to your thoughts.

(1)Practice experiencing this peace by sitting quietly with your eyes closed and noticing your breathing.

  • While you feel yourself breathing, you will notice that you have many thoughts and external distractions competing for your attention; however, persist in noticing your breath.
  • Once you can feel yourself breathe, try to feel your heart, which is also beating as a background to your thoughts.
  • Now that you can feel your breathing and your heartbeat, open your eyes and continue to feel your breath and your heart.
  • Notice your mind is quiet.

While observing breathing, however, some may discover that they are suffering from conditions like breathing disorders. If that were the case, then consulting a pulmonologist such as those at that Gwinnett Pulmonology Winder, would be ideal.

Your heart is the center of your being.

  • Ask yourself: Who am I? Then point to yourself with your finger.
  • Where is your finger pointing?

(2)Practice this exercise in the morning before starting your day.

Before making any decision, ask yourself:

“How does my heart feel about this choice?”

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