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Monthly Email Newsletter Service


Monthly Email Newsletter Service



1. SERVICES Deliver a high quality monthly email newsletter that engages your existing customers and prospects with the goal of ultimately growing revenue for the business. 2. RESPONSIBILITIES OF LEAP INNOVATION

  • Scan convert business cards contact information into csv formatted file.
  • Create and send monthly newsletter incorporating email marketing best practices.
  • Meet quality, schedule and cost goals for email marketing as established by the Client. 


  • Deliver collected business cards to Leap in a timely manner.
  • Post one 300-500 word blog article on client’s website at least two (2) business days before email campaign is scheduled to delivery.
  • Provide feedback on quality of email newsletters.

4. SCOPE OF WORK On a monthly basis the following services will be provided:

a. Collect and convert up to 100 business cards into .csv format. Cards will be provided by client at least one (1) week prior to email newsletter publication date. Key data to be uploaded includes:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Business name
  • Address
  • Phone number(s)

b. Import new contacts into Email Service Provider (ESP) applications (i.e. Constant Contact)

c. Create standard email template to be used each month. Client is to review and approve template prior to use. Emails typically include logos, social media, calls-to-action, free offers, contact information and google analytics.

d. Incorporate monthly blog article into monthly newsletter. This includes providing attention grabbing headline, minor editing changes and adding stock photo images provide by ESP or Client.

e. Research and include at least two (2) online blog or business articles into the newsletter. Suggestions can be provided by Client. If none are provided then Leap will research appropriate articles.

f. Once monthly email newsletter is in final draft, Leap will send draft to Client for review and approval. Client agrees to provide comments in a timely fashion to support the email campaign being sent according to agreed date and time.

g. Once monthly email newsletter is approved, Leap will schedule the newsletter to be sent.

h. Leap will review previous month’s campaigns to determine areas for improvement based on typical benchmarks for open and click through rates. Leap will also make best practices recommendations when appropriate.


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