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04 Nov It’s Over

Yes, I know we still have all of November and December before 2013 is over. However,  my statement has to do with  business marketing.  At the end of the year businesses are focused on sales not marketing. There are sales to close right? So how did sales go in 2013? Were...

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01 Oct The Five Dysfunctions of a Sales Team

Patrick Lencioni's widely acclaimed book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team on team building was written over a decade ago. The Great Recession has made building high-performing teams has become even more challenging than ever. I can't think of any other place in an organization where creating a high-performing team is important but extremely...

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03 Mar 9 Tips When Designing a Billboard

Designing a billboard is visual storytelling.  An effective billboard grabs a person’s attention and creates a memorable impression, leaving the reader to think about the ad after they have driven by the billboard. When designing a billboard keep the following in mind: 1.  Simple Layout – LESS IS MORE – KEEP IT...

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26 Jan Do You Need A Wider Lens?

The book, The Wide Lens written by Ron Adner, proposes a new perspective on innovation as a relates to products and services. One of the breakthrough concepts proposed is that businesses can no longer just focus on their internal execution of products and services and have to look at their...

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